About the project:

Kundalini Online - is the first interactive project in Russia where you can practice Kundalini Yoga and other transforming technologies, with the world's best Teachers and Masters of our time, direct students of Yogi Bhajan, without leaving home and with synchronous translation into Russian.

Our mission – is to make practice with the world's leading and most famous teachers of Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan available to everyone.

Here you can take part in online classes and seminars with direct students of Yogi Bhajan and the most famous teachers of Kundalini yoga of our time:

MahanKirn Kaur Khalsa (USA), 

Yogi Amandip Singh (Canada), 

Jivan Joty Kaur Khalsa ( PhD, USA), 

Carolyn Cowen (Great Britain), 

Amritnam Kaur (USA), 

Amrit Singh (USA) and others. 

All classes are also available in the record. 

You can: 

order individual healing sessions at MahanKirn Kaur Khalsa (one of the strongest healers Sat Nam Rasayan and personal healer Yogi Bhajan), Yogi Amandip Singh (mystic, scientist of the Kundalini Research Institute and healer), get advice from Carolyn Cohen - a famous British psychotherapist and sexologist, get advice from Dr. Carlo Santulo (Italy) - a nutritionist and personal physician of Guru Dev Singh.

Appeal from the creator:

Sat Nam!

I welcome everyone, who came to our site today for the first time and those, who have been practicing with us for a long time!

My name is Ivanova Elena - I am the creator and inspirer of this amazing project, which was born thanks to the efforts of many wonderful people, and also thanks to the Intention of Infinity and the Power of the Yogi Bhajan Teachings, that pass through us and allow us to serve everyone who wants to change their lives, elevate it and raise the lives of those who are around and need help.


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Ivanova Elena


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